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Stefan Bojic - The Tennis Artist

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by Igor Zecevic Videography

Tennis Adventures - Fresh Milk

Elementary Techniques with Stefan Bojic!

HEAD Frame & Play: Tennis artist baffles pro players

HEAD proudly presents Stefan Bojic – tennis trick shot star. With his Frame & Play tricks, he baffled our top playerslikeNovak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray. Now he challenges you to try his tricks with several levels ofdifficulty.Check out the tricks every week and see if you can keep up with the pros.

Frame & Play - Tennis Tricks - NYC video

Some racquet magic with Stefan Bojic.

  • Special thanks to:
  • Nick Hartman
  • Patrick sk8er from NYC
  • Milo Hauk
  • Maxim Frederic
  • Juan Centurion

HEAD Frame & Play: Playlist

Are you a #Gameraiser? Watch the tricks of tennis artist Stefan Bojic and try yourself.